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Working to empower families of the differently abled

Aashish Foundation is passionate in its belief that

"No child with special needs should be deprived of the opportunity to excel and no parent needs to watch on helplessly".

The Foundation was established in 2008, by Jaya & Naresh Alreja and a group of like minded parents who desired to help as many families with special needs as possible. They sought to provide therapeutic help using the latest technology and methods and also to empower parents to fulfill their individual dreams.


To nurture and encourage kids with Special Needs
to experience learning success and attain their maximum potential.
To empower parents, families and society to educate,
advocate and efficiently manage persons with Developmental
Handicaps .


We envision that AASHISH FOUNDATION will provide creative solutions
in the area of training children with special needs, facilitate parents
to manage the issue of challenging behaviors at home.
We aim to provide long term customizable solutions to the
challenging task of Life Long Care

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We believe in the power of communities
to overcome challenges together.
It's not just money.
Your time can make a difference too.

Become a part of
something bigger than yourself!
Start by making a donation.

Through your support, we give the diversely abled their best chance at a happy life.

What people say

Children with developmental disabilities also have motor co-ordination, sensory or cognitive issues, behavior problems and difficulty in acquiring academic skills. Jumpstart Centre provides the appropriate therapy and training program, to ensure that the individual can be as independent as possible in all areas of their lives.

Contact us for Services at our Prabhadevi or Navi Mumbai centers.
Working Hours: 11 AM - 7 PM.

It is our dream to establish a facility that willl replicate the lifestyle, care and companionship for people with intellectual disabilities away from their homes. it will be a premium, self sustainable, residential facility to care for each individual in the best possible manner. the focus will always be the growth and welfare of the residents

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