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We provide pediatric occupational therapy services to children and young adults with developmental handicaps and their families. Our clients include infants, children and adults diagnosed with developmental conditions like Autism, Attention Deficit Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, Sensory Integration Disorder, Neural Tube Defects, etc. 


The therapy program is managed by senior occupational therapist, Saifuddin Bijliwala and Shalini Bijliwala. With an experience spanning over 40 years, Mr and Mrs Bijliwala have designed therapy programs that are need specific and are executed using modern materials and equipment. The centre and its programmes are structured in a way that the client is able to acquire new skills and bring in a behavioural change while having ample fun and positive engagement. The expertise of the Jumpstart Centre lies in empowering parents to manage challenging behaviours in their children and train them at home.

Programs to Develop Motor, Locomotor and Co-ordination Skills

Through this program, we train kids to achieve milestones like rolling over, sitting, crawling, standing, walking, climbing, etc. Occupational therapy trains them to grasp, manipulate objects and, more importantly, to develop abilities to plan motor sequences for tasks they need to execute.

Programs to Modify Behaviour Problems and Improve Psycho-Social Skills

This program works to modify a range of behaviour problems like non-compliance, opposition, hyperactivity, violence, aggression, destructive behaviours and conduct disorders. Occupational therapy analyses behaviour patterns and modifies them through operant learning, sensory integration and skill development.

Programs to develop Reading, Writing & Math skills

These programs focus on developing/remediating reading, writing and math skills. Occupational therapy provides activities to improve visual and auditory perceptual abilities as well as cognitive processing skills. An important component is the assimilation of direction, rhythm, spatial and temporal relations. Table work as well as whole body movement is part of this program.

Programs to develop Attention, Concentration & Executive functioning

We provide activities to enhance executive functioning of the brain. Through a variety of specially designed learning materials, educational softwares, apps, kinetic and video games, we focus on the clients’ developing skills to scan, register, inhibit their impulsivity, strengthen their working memory, develop links to stored information, stimulate spatial and temporal perception. A large part of occupational therapy is imparted through well researched computer softwares and apps which are interesting and very motivating for kids.

Programs to impart Sensory stimulation and Sensory Integration

We use activities that will provide vestibular, proprioceptive, visual, auditory and tactile stimulation to organize the neural functions, which in turn helps to learn new skills and adaptive behaviours to perform day-to-day tasks. The Occupational Therapy clinic is equipped with swings, trapeze, climbing frames, ball pools and textured mats to provide aerial movement and proprioceptive and tactile experiences. Visual, auditory and kinesthetic senses are integrated through participating in fun video games using gadgets like Playstation, Wii Nintendo, X-box and I-Pad.

Programs to Empower Parents and society

Not only the child, our programs also focus on family and caregivers. Parents/caregivers are given hands-on training in sessions with their child. Through regular discussions and seminars held at the month end, we empower parents and professionals with knowledge, techniques and strategies to manage different developmental challenges. We also reach out to other special families and society at-large to educate them and harness acceptance for our cause.